NEWS: Kaizen, Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is the Japanese word for ‘improvement’. It is usually interpreted as ‘gradual, continued improvement’. At Artform we live by this motto.

We all have those artists we love, but the new stuff just isn’t quite as good as the old. Or the once vast technological innovations have been replaced by the unimpressive ‘update’. At Artform this simply isn’t an option.

Since day one we have used ethically responsible factories that produce quality products. We could stay there, but that wouldn’t be Kaizen.

In order to further our progression and move closer in line with our values, we are pleased to announce we will be moving our production to the United States. We are currently running a 50% off sale on our current inventory, in order to facilitate this transition.

We thank all of you for supporting us on the journey toward Kaizen. We hope all of you will implement the practice of continuous improvement. We wish you all health and prosperity.

Best Regards,

Artform Family

Outward Appearance with Inward Significance