Yes normally I take to here to speak, only when I have something to say (a good motto for life). This morning it's my frustration from a really cool brand that I used to really like. 

They have dope clothes, and this editorial isn't about trash talk or hate, just facts. I bought a $300.00 pair of kicks for a Christmas gift for someone very special. I made this order on Dec. 12 with UPS Ground shipping, usually 5-7 days. When I got my tracking number I noticed a discrepancy in the address and it was being sent back. All good, happens all the time, even with us. After I emailed customer service like 4 times I finally heard back on Dec. 30 (notably after Christmas, this someone was not stoked that they didn't get a Christmas present but I explained the issue), I finally heard back with 'You'll get your package in a few days'. Ok cool, no worries. 

It's been 2 weeks now! I finally had to make a Pay Pal claim for a refund. Although I should put them on blast I wont. I have honestly more than once sent a tracking number to a customer using my phone from bed on a weekend or in the middle of the night, so you can see how I might get a little triggered. 

However it seems crappy service has become almost a badge of honor in the streetwear community. Especially the brands with the most hype. There is a very, very popular brand who I have more than once seen employees yelling and berating customers while they stood in line forever waiting to get into their store. But it doesn't seem to slow down sales. 

Brands need us! We need you. It doesn't make you look cool to rep a brand that treats you like trash. Respect yourself and mess with brands (and people) that treat you right. You deserve it. 


Here's a tip for life. Don't judge people by how they treat you, judge them by how they treat others. Because they will smile in your face and stab you in the back.    

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