ARTFORM NEW YORKArtform is a minimalist expression of skate, street, hip hop, punk, fashion, art and graffiti culture founded in Los Angeles, California. The juxtaposition of these elements in our surroundings growing up was and still serves as the inspiration for the brand. 

The end user is what truly exemplifies the brand and breathes life into it. Each individual represents their own art forms, hence the true nature of the brand doesn't exist with us, but with the customer. 

Artform continuously aspires to improve both externally and internally, and seeks to inspire others to do the same. Our purpose is to not only promote outward appearance, but more importantly inward significance.

Welcome to our community of like minded individuals. 


Artform is proud to partner with the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter, who offer crisis-intervention services to homeless, runaway, and at risk youth. For more information see