Artform was founded in the late 1990's as a way for our friends group as kids to get skateboards at wholesale prices. We would then decorate and sell them, often with graffiti art. The brand continues to exist under the same artistic direction and leadership it was founded upon. We are a family owned business with small business values of hard work and excellent service.

Our Creative Director acting President is an active skateboarder and spray-can artist, who paints over 100 murals per year and produces various art pieces such as canvases and installations.

All of our items are unisex and designed to keep men and women alike looking and feeling fresh. 

While current trends can be fun and have a space in fashion, our main aim is to provide timeless apparel while always remaining current and relevant, and giving our core customers what they ask for.   

Quality, service, aesthetics and good vibes only.       

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Artform is proud to partner with the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter, who offer crisis-intervention services to homeless, runaway, and at risk youth. For more information see 

We are active on Skid Row Los Angeles donating clothing , water, and umbrellas during rain and various items - we encourage others to do the same with even small things, especially small things.

Mental health is another cause we are extremely passionate about as one of our founders suffers from extreme panic disorder. 

We honor veterans and respect our fallen Marine and skateboarder Louis 'Lou Dog' Herrera.   

Our owners and some key partners happen to be Christians, therefore we believe ALL men and women are skillfully crafted and made in God's image. And each human being regardless of belief, culture, or genetics is of priceless value.  

We also support various Faith Based Organizations and Sober Living Centers as our brand is "clean" - you will notice no cursing , drugs, alcohol, or violence glorified through Artform. 

These include but not limited to:

SK8 Church CO
Skate Church KC
Rising Tide Ranch
Untitled Skateboards
Finished Skate
Jon "Deezle" Depoian Skate Ministry

We believe in street smarts and the policy of 'Each one Teach One' in the streets, and elders must educate the youth. Education such as avoid street pills or you may die of Fentanyl 

Artform Refuge - our indoor skatepark and youth center with free mental health counseling and exterior art walls. This is a 1 Million dollar project and we are taking NO money from this project for oversight (this is public record), this is a GIFT to the community. We are 501C3 Certified / please donate HERE ANYTHING helps 


We only source from certified factories that meet safe, fair, and ethical working conditions. All garments are designed and finished in Southern California, USA, sourcing materials from the United States whenever possible.


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