When I recently read all of Kanye's Tweets related to Drake and Travis Scott, my mind started buzzing. Kanye has put out some groundbreaking music in his time, and made some thought provoking statements that have lead me to believe that he is a man of certain intelligence.*

*Although to be honest many times have his lyrics left me cringing (bruuuh, why say that? You just ruined the track for me!). Not due to cadence but due to vulgarity.

So why would an intelligent man air out grown man beef on Twitter for the world to see? It would seem the prudent thing to do would be to solve these issues in private. Was is all for publicity I began to wonder? Does Ye even need publicity? Every time he steps out in public the blogs cover what he's wearing head to toe, and begin speculating on upcoming releases or collabs. I don't know, maybe he just took to Twitter, nothing more. It's none of my business.   

As the public, how do we know what's real and what isn't? Our Instagram poll 'Twitter Beef, Real or Fake' was about a 50/50 split. But this goes way beyond rap Twitter beef. With the rise of virtual influencers, Apps that contour your face available on your phone, fake news, Photoshop, how can we ever know what's real? We have been inundated by marketing messages since we were born, and they have shaped our world views in ways we can't even understand. 

Lana Del Rey Artform


I recently fell victim to this myself. I've been a fan of Lana Del Rey music for some time, and in may ways she epitomizes cool for me. However I recently read that she organized an occult ritual for her fans to practice witchcraft, which is the exact opposite of anything that I think is cool. But does Lana Del Rey even exist, or is she just a persona created so people like me would buy into her vibe more? Her real name is Elizabeth Grant. It doesn't change how the music sounds, I still really like it, but my perception has changed. 

So what is real?     

The best answer perhaps was coined by Plato and Socrates- Know Thyself. What is real? You are, that's a good place to start. We must all be aware of what is really us, or what we've been sold to think is us. Is there a God? What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail? What is my purpose in life? These are solid questions we should be asking. Because this digital world has put our focus on people we don't even know, rather than on ourselves, God, or the people right in front of us.

We at Artform certainly don't even come close to knowing it all. We just hope these articles will inspire you to think, and seek the Truth. We're all in this journey together. 


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