We were recently introduced to Henry Jones artwork and became instant fans. There is a simple sophistication to his work that makes it compelling and unique. We suggest you go down the rabbit hole and discover for yourself why he's the real deal. 
Did you find art or did art find you?
Art has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents make their living as artists/graphic designers so I've always had access to it.
Why do you think it is that skateboarders gravitate towards the arts?
Self expression with no boundaries -- the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, if you want, and how you want.
What artists did you look up to when growing up?
My parents, Charles Schulz, Shel Silverstein, Marc Brown, Bill Watterson, Quentin Blake, Ralph Steadman, as I started getting into skateboarding I always really liked Mark Mckee's work and eventually became aware of artists like Neil Blender, Mark Gonzales, Michael Sieben, Sean Cliver, Craig Stecyk, Ed Templeton, and I'm sure dozens more that I'm forgetting. 
How do you approach your work? Do you need a certain vibe? Is it an iterative process? 
If I think of something, I draw it. For some things I like to sketch them out in pencil first while others I'll just keep doing over and over in pen first until I get it "right". There's not really too much rhyme or reason to it. I have a lot of ideas while I'm in the shower, though.
Have you had formal drawing/painting training? Art school?
I took a couple art classes while I was in college. I didn't go to school for art, but taking a figure drawing class definitely helped me develop my current style.
How would you describe your style?
What artists are killing it right now in your opinion?
Anyone who is making art to make art. Some folks who have stood out to me lately are James Jarvis, Tim Kerr, Sean Cliver, Joe Roberts, Amber McCall, Jeff Cheung, Shelby Lorman, Craig Gleason -- I could go on and on!
Where else outside of the art world do you draw inspiration from?
Animals, politics, life experiences, emotions -- I don't think there is a cap to it, nothing is off the table
If you could have coffee with one artist dead or alive who would it be and what one question would you ask them?
Leonardo Da Vinci -- Where are the lost works??
Any shoutouts? 
Marie and Fred Jones, Michael Sieben, Dave Fairman, Karl Watson, all my friends, and anyone else who supports me or likes my art. Shout out to the people that don't like my art, too.
Learn More About Henry Jones here:
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