If you aren't regularly reading our blog, you should. Just a couple days ago we wrote about the difficulty of getting reliable sources of fabric in Downtown LA's Fashion District, we now know why. 

It turns out that 76 total businesses in the Los Angeles fashion district were raided a few years back and now recently sentenced. The take, $140 Million Dollars. If you've ever been to the downtown LA Fashion District, especially the textile section, it is a pretty small neighborhood. A small neighborhood indeed to have SEVENTY SIX businesses raided for laundering money for cartels.


All we wanted to do was help America by producing clothes in the United States, little did we know we would end up anywhere near something like this. This news comes to us eerily just a couple of days after we wrote our Welcome to Vernon article, here's a quote:

We started at a place that was referred to us, in Vernon. It looked like a genuine mob ran spot with thugs guarding it outside. As if fabric wasn't their main source of income if you know what I mean. We didn't get out of the car.  

We aren't going to name names even though this information is already public, where we come from you keep your head down and mouth shut, you can read the original article with more details here.  

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