Interview by: Tim Martinez

We don't remember the year exactly that we met the young Ratchetón. Let's just say it was early 2000. Social media didn't exist. Skateboarding was alive and well in Hollywood. Music, art, street culture was in full effect and in its purest form. From these roots a young Ratchetón has grown. It's been an honor and pleasure seeing the rise of Ratchetón from behind the scenes to center stage. The Ratchetón movement has just begun and we're hyped to see where it takes us.

Ratcheton Mic
What’s good Ratchetón ? How you livin?
Yo yo what’s up guys long time no see. I’m good man just living life day by day. 

How long have you been holding down Hollywood?
Man I've been in Hollywood almost all my life. East Hollywood that is.

What’s your favorite skateboarding memory from the good ‘ol days of Hollywood?
My favorite memory from my good old Hollywood skate days is meeting a bunch of different people, hopping over fences to skate Schools.Also chilling at this old skate shop by my crib called Instruments Skate Sounds!

As someone who has experienced both the analog world and the digital world, what are your thoughts on the current state of affairs - music, social media, street wear, skateboarding?
Man, it's a free for all now compared to back then when you had to walk around Hollywood, give people flyers and spread the word. We didn’t have Instagram, twitter, etc. Street wear is crazy now with social media. Anyone could become successful. Anyone could make a brand. It just depends on good designs. Even big fashion designers are using skate influence. I think it’s sick in a good way!

Ratcheton Balling
You did a stint over at Diamond. How did that all come about?
I used to help diamond supply with marketing, plugging in all upcoming artist like 21 Savage, Sonny Digital, etc. I didn’t do marketing at first. I started by working the warehouse - packing, shipping, etc. But I had too many good connections for them to go to waste. That’s when I started doing marketing for Diamond.

Over the last year we’ve been witnessing the rise of Ratchetón on the gram. Have you always worked on music?
I always worked on music - all my life. But the thing is I never dropped any of it. I just kept trying to master my sound and craft. Now that I’m actually dropping music people are finally paying attention.

Who’s holding down your production? Es mas fuego!
My production is by 1st Fki. He is el jefe - also a multi platinum producer. Also currently working with  Narco Wave. They are the next collective to bring that heat. Can't forget my good gas people too  - Smitty Trackbangas, JB turn me up, Millz, Durty Castello, Kevbo and El Dusty. 

How does one become a Ratchetman?
Drink a modelo and do something you normally wouldn’t do lol hahaha I keeed. 

Tell the world where they can get down with your music?
You could find my music in every platform. 
Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, etc - just type in Ratchetón.

Ratcheton Latin Grammys
Any live shows or tours coming soon?
Yes soon keep and eye out!

Shout outs?
Man shout out to Tim / Artform, 1st, JB , Smitty, Millz, Durty, Kevbo, Feefa, Drofe, El Dusty, Narco Wave, Lakai, Diamond, Swoops, Ivsir, my whole team, My mom, My family, My friends, My supporters, My label! Oh can’t forget - Thank you Skateboarding!

Much Love Ratchetón


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