A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.

We get a lot, and I mean a lot, of people asking us to be 'ambassadors' for Artform. It's usually a teenager, and they are always very polite and respectful of the brand. We appreciate this as it shows people are feeling what we are doing.  

For the record, we don't use ambassadors or influencers, and it seems this is likely the new go to dream job on any teenagers list. They no longer want to be Astronauts or New York Yankees, they want to be brand ambassadors and You Tubers, or influencers or whatever the term. The thing is, if there's only representatives in the future, who's going to create something to rep?

There are those who have leveraged their popularity to create successful businesses on their own like Samii by Samii Ryan. This is the more productive route. 

Samii Ryan

Samii Ryan, an entrepreneur, model, and influencer

Everyone wants to be famous, or at least get free stuff. See our article here on the dark side of these dreams. The facts are as follows:

You are either working to make your dreams come true, or make someone else's dreams come true. 

My advice would be to spend your time figuring out who you are, instead of promoting what someone else already is. Make your dreams come true. Your art, your sport, your craft. Then if you find a brand or cause you like, support that too. Giving back to the culture is what it's about. Discovering your own culture and values is the best thing you can do as a teenager. Finding the dream is the hard part. Once you know what it is, just keep moving forward until you get there.

We support a few skaters, artists, and musicians. For us that's giving back to our culture. When you keep your roots in mind, you will grow strong. 



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