Today Skateboarding mourns the loss of its voice with the passing of Jake Phelps, a true cultural icon. 

Throughout the decades Jake remained passionate, sincere and brutally honesty when it came to the state of skateboarding as its number one advocate. Jake called us on our BS in both the good and bad times, always encouraging us to shut up and skate. Even more, he set the example by being right next to us bombing hills, dropping in, taking slams and getting back up for more. No one embodied the spirit of skateboarding more than Jake. He showed us what a life lived with excitement and passion looked like. 

Jakes greatest contribution (beyond being the editor of the skate Bible, Thrasher Magazine) is that he pushed us to go higher, farther, faster and to be more committed, which are the markers of a life well lived. 

It has been a profound honor to have been absolutely consumed by the pages of Thrasher Magazine and by the words, tales, adventures and stories told to us by Jake for so many years. 

The whole ARTFORM crew is sending out our love, thoughts and prayers to the Phelps and Thrasher family.

Jake - Your legacy will carry on with every push! 





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