Since the 90's this brand has served as a creative outlet for myself and many others. Now that I started blogging it's a place to get thoughts out of my head, and I have a few this morning I'd like to share, and hopefully add some value to the reader. 

The odds are if you're reading this you are an intelligent person who likes to read, and think, and philosophize. So the attitudes I will be discussing are not directed at you. Anyone who thinks, analyzes the facts, and forms an opinion I respect. Even if I may not agree or think the same way. 

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We do it for these people....

Running the social channels for the brand has been super rewarding. There has been an outpour of love and support for the brand and for what we're doing over here. I threw in just a few of the positive messages we receive. And to clarify 99% of the messages we get are positive or just someone asking a question about sizing or shipping. However, I admit I was unprepared for some of the sheer ignorance that people so freely disperse over their phones or keyboards. I still debate what the right thing to do is, as for now we have a no negativity policy so I just delete any ignorant comments I find on the gram, and choose not to waste time educating people who likely don't want to be educated.

Kenny Hoyle KickflipKenny Hoyle (not a poser) Photo Marlon Parungao

To elaborate, recently I've had to delete comments like "I bet this poser doesn't even skate" on photographs of legit pro or sponsored skaters sitting or standing on boards. To clarify, we ALL skate. And to further clarify, my partner Tim and I were hopping the fence at Lockwood before most of these kids were even born, and watching for the local gangs who we're known to roll up on skaters, beat or pull guns on them (or shoot at them) and steal their wallets, boards, and especially video cameras. Something that likely doesn't happen at the local city sanctioned skate parks these kids hang out at. What's even more disturbing is that with literally one click they could legit check any skater involved with Artform, but instead they decided to spew out some nonsense and show the world how uninformed they are.

Artform Customer ReviewPositivity > Negativity

I'm not surprised by this phenomenon. It's more of a concern for the culture and the future of skateboarding and even life as a whole. People get emotional and even kill themselves over dumb stuff people say online. These fools need to think before they type. It used to be think before you speak, but people seem to type things they would never say out loud. Especially to someones face.

(To be honest though, there is something that does frustrate me about this. These same kids are often die hard fans of certain brands that haven't been skater owned for years if ever. I could blast off right here easily but I wont. I like and respect a lot of those brands, and am educated enough to know that sometimes business needs to be business. Just do your homework is all.) 

Artform Customers in Japan   

Much love back to all the real ones

We are living in a real world, not a digital one. In the real world actions have consequences. Let's all remember to be slow to speak, slow to be angry, and quick to educate ourselves. 

We'd love to hear your thought's on this topic, please comment below. 

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  • Social media unfortunately brings out the good and bad in people.

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