To call the Netherland born artist "Does" a graffiti artist is correct but it is also a complete understatement. It is more appropriate to call him an international multidisciplinary artist who has set the internet on fire. His extreme attention to detail, explosive use of color, master letter-styles and use of multi-media make him one of the most recognizable and sought after artists. Does has an unbelievable work ethic and complete dedication his to craft. We were fortunate enough to catch Does in the middle of a busy schedule to get a few questions in. Huge thanks and shout out to Does for the time, progression and inspiration...


DigitalDoes - ARTFROM

When we were young there would be whole crews sitting at park benches swapping black books. Do you feel that the Black Book is a lost art form?
For me personally the black book is still very important to develop style and to prepare for projects. My book is also very personal and I am not really into swapping my book with other artists. 

Does - artform

What do you see as the biggest difference between painting in the streets vs painting in the studio?
Working in the streets is faster and often the work created will be there temporarily. Working in my studio is comfortable, I can get into my bubble there and it is the place where all projects start. 

 DOES - Artform

How do you currently define your style?
Energetic, colorful, well balanced; no boundaries with regards to the use of materials.

DigitalDoes - Artform

What advice do you have for young aspiring artists?
Draw and practice a lot; that is the way to improve your style. It takes time to develop and to get better, it is a matter of discipline. 

DOES - Artform

Does Graffiti ARTFORM

If you could have coffee or tea with one artist dead or alive who would it be?
I was inspired by Sigi ‘Dare’ von Koeding. As a person and as an artist. I would have loved to have seen him develop his style. Unfortunately he passed away much too soon. 


Any shoutouts or thanks....
Thanks for the interview guys! 

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