I logged in this morning to express my utter outrage at Drake for what appeared to be a super pedophile video that hit twitter by storm. 

I wont do the click baiters justice by reposting the video, but if you haven't seen it yet just hit you tube and search Drake 17 year old girl and you'll find it. Actually right now you can just google 'Drake' and every last media outlet has the story trending trying to get their piece of the action. The video shows Drake pulling a girl up on stage, creepily dancing with her, smelling her hair, kissing her on the cheek a few times, and making a few inappropriate comments. It's uncomfortable to watch no doubt.

The video is in poor taste, and no doubt Drake is embarrassed by it. Being a fan of Drake, at first glance I was outraged and about to get my Twitter fingers going. Until I did just a tiny bit of research. 

Turns out the video is around 9 years old, when Drake was a young kid at age 23. The girl was 17 (still creepy), however the legal age of consent in Colorado where the footage was taken is 17 years old. I'm in no way condoning Drakes actions, but he didn't commit a crime. This video just magically 'resurfaced' right after millions of viewers are in an uproar about the series Surviving R. Kelly, where his seriously disturbing pedophile acts are uncovered in great detail. Very suspect.

Coincidence? Not in todays world. It's called click bait, sensationalism, or straight up fake news. Drake is now branded a pedophile, is going to have to respond to this with some kind of a statement, and worst of all is subconsciously associated with R. Kelly (an actual alleged pedophile). All because of a few clicks on the internet, something that could happen to any one of us.  

You see the entire media business is based upon clicks. PPC or pay per click, or page views is how they generate advertising revenue. And due to human nature, bad news (or fake news) gets way more clicks than the actual news. That's why news is so negative and headlines are so outlandish. It was a bad problem in the TV era, it's a horrendous catastrophe in the internet age.  

"Drake Fondles an Underage Girl On Stage!" (which is what the headline actually said) gets way more clicks than "Video of a young Drake being creepy with a girl of barely legal age". Straight up almost all news is either fake news or biased in some way. They are pushing an agenda to make money, that's the inconvenient truth. I hope this article wakes people up. They had me on this one, 30 minutes ago I was furious at Drake, now I'm furious with our fake news society. 

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."  

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  • Nice one.

    Timtown on

  • much ado about nothing. what’s creepy about it? it’s a show! she’s 17, he’s 23. she’s obviously digging it.

    the only thing is that he’s still an immature little punk, even tho he’s no longer 23.

    dougie on

  • Thank you for sharing this, it does shed some more light and I look forward to reading many more of these editorials. It’s sad that this is what the world has come to.

    @joconixx on

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