Each year Thrasher Magazine crowns a coveted title of Skater of the Year. It is quite an honor, and a bucket list item for many if not all professional skateboarders. This year the honor went to a (in our opinion) well deserved Tyshawn Jones. Tyshawn put out a video part in Supreme's "BLESSED" by William Strobeck that was unbelievable. The exact type of raw, gritty street skating that we're all about. 

Tyshawn Jones Artform Blog

Tyshawn Jones holding up his cover shot on Thrasher Magazine

However other great parts came out this year, sparking some heavy debate, even accusations that Supreme either paid off Thrasher for the title or that they used their 12 Million plus Instagram followers to sway the voting in Tyshawn's favor. We do not even remotely believe these rumors, and wholeheartedly back Tyshawn and Thrasher Magazine. 

Our stance is, and always was that skateboarding is an art form. So can you judge art? And does this put skateboarders in the category of art critics?

Obviously some skaters are just better than others, but when you get to the top tier, the differences are simply a preference. This just shows how passionate people are about their art forms, which we believe is a good thing. Kanye West was so passionate about Beyonce's video that he rushed the stage and grabbed the mic from Taylor Swift. People are passionate, but let's all remember that art is based on preference.    





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