Don't trust everything you read, not even this. 

Run it through the filter of past experience, knowledge, wisdom, and common sense. I had a 17 year old 'Brand Ambassador' (we don't use those by the way) DM us this morning with advise on how to run our company. Now I'm no hater, I don't think, but we've been in business longer than this kid has been alive. After being tempted to school him I refrained, as I don't have time to interact with everyones opinion, unless they are a true fan of the brand.

Never, ever take money advise from someone who has less of it than you. Never listen to someone tell you not to follow your dreams just because they gave up on theirs. And be wise enough to take advise from someone who is more knowledgeable on a subject than you are, even if you don't fully agree with everything they do. 

Everyone has an opinion. Especially online, it's so easy to get the Twitter fingers working. It's so hard not to fire back. I'm confrontational by nature, but the wise holds his tongue, or his fingers in this example.

Be wary of opinions. 






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