If you scroll through the comments on Instagram, Reddit, You Tube, pretty much everywhere it seems like there is an overwhelming sense of negativity and hate. People for some reason feel they MUST express their distaste for everything, rather than simply moving on with their day. Especially when it is aimed at celebrities or successful people. Some comments I've read are so hateful I'm surprised people put them in words, they might even constitute as hate crimes. 

Jealous, envious, perhaps furious at themselves for not having a better life. We all are envious of others from time to time. We all can fall victim to this mentality. 

As a brand we have fans, and thankfully we have haters. If you don't have haters you are essentially irrelevant. It means nobody is thinking about you enough to care either way. I would argue that a hater is actually a fan in disguise. They are voluntarily giving us their most valuable assets. Time and attention. 

Let us all think about that next time we are tempted to post a negative comment. Let's pay them nothing, not even a thought. What do we think of our haters?

What's a hater?



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