H-Street, for those that may not know was a seminole skate brand in the late 80's. They came on the scene right around the time that Powell Peralta and skateboarding in general were starting to decline in popularity. This is also the time when skateparks were shuttered and backyard vert ramps were getting torn down. Out of this H-Street was born and would be responsible for ushering in the new era of modern street skateboarding. H-Street was founded circa 1986, by pros Tony Magnusson, Mike Ternasky (RIP) and Dave Andrecht. 

Notable pros included - Sal Barbier, Danny Way, Matt Hensley, Mike Carrol, Eric Koston - seriously folks, the list is deep. 

For guys like myself that grew up absolutely consumed by skateboarding in the 80s and 90s it is impossible to talk skateboarding without mentioning the impact of H-Street. And you can't talk H-Street without conjuring up the memory of their iconic logo. 

You may have seen this logo gain notoriety again over the past few years. Virgil Abloh from the brand Off-White decided to give this logo another run, although he decided to put a neat bar above the logo. 

We here at ARTFORM like to pay homage to our history and our roots, so we thought we'd shine some light on the matter. We're not sure if Virgil Abloh is a former skateboarder who is paying homage, or if he created this logo with no knowledge of H-Street or if he knew and decided to run over the unspoken rules. Regardless of the situation, we take our hats off to all who were involved in H-Street. Thanks for the progression and for the memories. 



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  • H-Street to me is one of the most influential groups in skateboarding at that time. Hocus-pocus and shackle me not are still some of the best skateboarding I’ve ever seen till this day.

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