If you saw Artform's latest video "Hard to Earn" you may have noticed unusual music pumping through your speakers. If you're unfamiliar with the genre it's best known as Drum & Bass, but in it the early days was called Jungle music (traditionalists please feel free to comment and debate below). Jungle was a small sub-culture during the early 90's rave days. Whereas the main rooms would play techno, out on the back patio is where you'd find the "Junglists". The genre was founded in the underground clubs of London but soon came across the pond and found a home on the streets of Los Angeles where DJ's such as R.A.W. and Curious ruled supreme. 

The soundtrack to the recent Hard to Earn video used a handful of vinyl records from the late 90's when drum & bass started to mix more and more with Hip-Hop. TimstroMental better known as DJ Instro-Mental in the 90's rave scene, recently broke out the vinyls and put the Hard to Earn soundtrack together. The records are also taken from his late 90's mixtape called Jungle Love, which he sold out of his backpack in club parking lots and in record shops on Melrose. 

For the first time ever the original mixtape has been made available online: 

Jungle Love - Side A:

Jungle Love - Side B: 


We've also made the Hard to Earn soundtrack available for download:

Download here 




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