You've seen his characters up, you just didn't know his name - it's GLABOE, now you know. We've been skating with the young Glaboe for a minute on the mean streets of Hollywood. It's always good to see the artistic rise of the youth. We recently had a chance to catch up with GLABOE and talk about painting, Hollywood, crews and his upcoming shoe collaboration. 

What up Glaboe? You still chillin in Hollywood?
Yea I’m still around. Hahahah
glaboe artform
Where did the name Glaboe come from?
I wanted a name that had some kind of painting Term in it such as a glob of paint. And I don’t know much Spanish, so I thought glob would be Glaboe in Spanish. I even made a song for it - hahah, but not many people know it’s Glaboe” the Chico Medo”.

glabo - artform
It's refreshing to see a character based graff writer in LA. There's not many of them. What drew you to characters over letters? 
I started tagging before but wasn’t good. I would still do it. I was more into the art of doing Graffiti such as climbing, hiding and all that other fun s***. But I just thought it was more eye catching to everyone. I want everyone to see it. Either they love it, hate it, or don’t give a s*** but they saw it.

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Who are some of your favorite character artists?
Damn I gotta start with Matt Groening, he’s the GOAT. Next would be my good friend Hamok (@eats_glass) dudes always up to something great. Damn there’s so many dope artist doing it. 

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Do you ever get out to hit freights or train yards? 
I’ve painted more yard walls than freights for sure. I’ve painted trains like once with my good crew member LUCKS. S*** is too secret hahaha.

Why is it you think that skateboarders naturally gravitate towards art?
They both have that freedom were nobody can tell you what to do, and it gets better with time.
globoe artform
Being from Hollywood, who were some of the crews you grew up around?
I was mostly kicking it with my crew which was WZ at the time. It was a bunch of skate homies who kicked it at the park mostly but other friends or friends of friends would always show up like dudes from “US” “KWS” “FYF”.

What are some of your earliest memories skateboarding in Hollywood?
Man I’d say it was a Christmas parade with my family on Sunset and we passed by the front of Hollywood High and seeing those kids huck. Like back to back off the 8 and I was tripping. I didn’t even know that s*** was really a thing around me, my parents were a little strict I couldn’t go passed my local elementary which was Vine St. So we stayed ollie-ing that four and five. Seen a kid try to boardslide the 5 stair and sack it, s***** prolly why I tend to stay away from rails hahah.

glaboe - artform
What pros did you grow up seeing on the streets?
Like I said my parents were a lil strict, so I didn’t travel too much around in the beginning. My dad took me to some catholic skate park they’d set up ramps and wee man showed up. He was f****** ripping too. But as I got older I’d be skating with some of the dudes who are pro now or skate for major skate companies.

What's Swissen Heights all about?
It was our skate crew of homies. We tried making something’s of it like a company or lifestyle type of thing but al the individuals are pretty busy growing up and doing they’re thing. Like Ike is an actor and a musician. Dylan and Akim do amazing artwork as well.
globoe artform
In your opinion who's holding down Hollywood the hardest right now?
Shit I’d Have to say SICK KID. Just the creative level and amount the kid is up. Heck too from EI/MTA/JOR, that dude is everywhere I was or I’ve been in Hollywood. I mean he is Mr. Hollywood for a reason.

You've got a shoe release for Lakai at Val surf coming up on March 9th. How did this collab come about? 
We’ll I’m pretty good friends with Stevie Perez and he’s liked my art for a while, and I believe Daniel Wheatley noticed my art and asked if I’d be down to do the shoe. And yea, there was no way I would of said no. The dudes at Lakai are always fucking nice, they even let me tag along in the van occasionally. I even went with them to Riley hawks crib for a Fully Flared premier, definitely something that will stick with me.

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Where can folks check you out?
The shoes will be on the website officially March 1st. Lakai and I are also putting a Skate Jam together at Val Surf (Whittset location) like the old days when they would have the ES games of skate.

What's on the horizon for Glaboe?
Well as long as I’m living, Glaboe is living and like I said before it’ll get better with time.

Shout outs?
My Mom and Pops for taking the chance (lol), my sister, my Girl for being there through the good and bad and praying for me, my old friend Preston for getting me into skateboarding as well as Tony Hawk or THPS  for the same reason. My good friends growing up Rudy & Christian for being there. Jaime and Gloria (the Morua Family). Ali, Akim and Layla (The Safdari family). Noah and Isaac ( the Lee family). Tony Vince and Ulbadina aka mom2 (the Oceguera family) for letting me crash at their crib and feeding me as well. Julie and Adrian for being like my big sis and brother. The whole Swissen heights crew, the Clinton posse. Acur KWS for getting me into bombing. Hanos for getting me back into bombing. My Uncle January and Marvin Moran for getting me back into skating. My family for hooking me up with LOVE. Anyone who’s bought my Art/ let me show my art. YUMAD CREW, Plummer Park, HHK KREW, Pedlow Mafia, old Lake st. Homies, Stevie, CJ ... f***** all my homies. My Grandpa for teaching me real life s***. LocalBlac, Deditree, My dog cha cha, all the homies at Lakai, Daniel Wheatley for the idea of the shoe.  Oh and of course you Tim for reaching back so fast not knowing you knew from before and all those Plummer park sessions. I hope I didn’t forget anyone hahaha.

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  • I’ve been seeing that character for half of my life now, I’m happy for you bro for real and I’m proud to be able to call you an old friend

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