Skateboarders have long been the outlaws of society. Ever since the first time a kid demolished a perfectly good set of roller skates and nailed them to a 2x4, skaters have been on a rampage bringing destruction to perfectly good benches, tables, swimming pools, parks, schools and so forth.

It’s no surprise that Skateboarding spawned during the same time punk-rock and hip-hop were both being formed. The ethos of anti-establishment inside of the music created the perfect soundtrack to the birth of skateboarding culture. 

beastie boys - artform

Over the years skateboarders have developed a deep sense of distrust and rebellion against authority - parents, cops, teachers, security guards, principles, older siblings and generally any other form of hierarchy, mainly because their unified message has always been “quit skateboarding and get a job”. It’s this “establishment” that skateboarders consistently push against and it’s through this that we find a common thread amongst all skateboarders. 

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If you’ve ever bled from skateboarding or have been chased out of the school yard by the cops, or chose your skateboard over your girlfriend/job/responsibilities, or (you fill in the blanks) then you have the right to be as opinionated as you’d like when it comes to skateboarding. No pro, no brand, no magazine, no nuthin’ has the any more authority over skateboarding than you do. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you different - including us.


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