Skateboarders and Painting have long gone hand in hand. As of late it seems that there has been less and less notable painters arising from skateboarding. Maybe we're so bombarded with content by the second that we're missing emerging artists or as the great Sal Barbier (or so I think) called them "skARTists". We're hopeful that new painters will continue to emerge. We've compiled a quick list of our favorite skate painters for some inspiration. 

Neil Blender 

Neil is arguably one of the most creative and free form skaters of the early 80's. Neil is an early pioneer in the realm of painting his own pro graphics. 

 Neil Blender - Artform

Mark "Gonz" Gonzalez

Mark is credited as the Godfather of modern street skateboarding (alongside Natas Kaupas of course). Mark has had the biggest and longest running art career of them all. Mark has pioneered both the skate and the art worlds and continues to do so. 

Mark Gonzales - Artform

Ed Templeton

Ed has inspired generations of skateboarders to pick up the brush. Through Ed's brand Toy Machine he's been able to establish a career as an artist and an influential skateboarder. Ed continues to create alongside his wife Deanna Templeton a notable and accomplished photographer. 

Ed Templteotn - Artform

Jahmal Williams

More of a low key, behind the scenes painter. Jahmal Williams has been in the art scene for well over a decade. A former Toy Machine pro, Jahmal runs his own brand Hopps which features his mix media work. 

Jahmal Williams - Artform

Chris Pastras

Chris has created the visual vibe for Stereo skateboards for over 20 years (alongside Jason Lee). Chris' use of thick lines, structures and colors have created his hallmark signature. 

Chris Pastras - Artform

Brian Lotti

Brian is one of the street wizards of the early 90's. He may be the most technically gifted painter of them all. Brian's use of scenery, color and subject matter ooze elements of skateboarding. 

Brian Lotti - Artform

Gino Perez

Gino is a rising star on the art scene. He's a former pro for ATM Click (Mark Gonzales' mid 90's skate brand). Gino's large scale paintings evoke a great sense of energy and life. 

Gino Perez Artform


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