The other day I went for a skate. On my journey I crossed paths with a handful of skate rats that must have ranged between the ages of 14-16. They were at least 8-10 deep. I rolled up on them and asked if they wanted to push through the city to meet up with another group of skaters. They gladly obliged and off we went. 

A few blocks down I linked up with a handful of the Artform team who had at least 5-10 years on the younger group. The sesh popped off. Some were working on their basics while others were getting loose. It didn't matter because we were all in the moment enjoy that which skateboarding is known for - bringing together community and pushing you against your own personal limits. 

Later that evening I was fortunate enough to link up with an old buddy who I have know and been skating with for about two decades. We mobbed around streets catching slappies and skating parking blocks. 

At the end of the evening my buddy and I went to catch a brew and ran into an OG pro who we had been skating with since the late 80s. We talked about the good old days and how amazing this new generation is.

All in all it was a great night.

I have seen many changes in skateboarding as I have moved through the generations. There's been times where I experienced the peak of my ability and other times where I struggled to get my legs backs. The strength of my ability as a skateboarder never mattered that much to me. What really mattered was/is all of the amazing relationships I've made and how I have grown as an individual. For that I am thankful and forever grateful to skateboarding. 



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