As I came in the office today, we did a customary prayer and read something out of the Bible (Jeremiah 29:11-13 if anyone is curious). It's a new custom as the brand grows we need more systems and structures in place to keep consistency throughout the brand, and to keep us focused on serving our audience the best we can. 

I try hard to keep my desk clean and neat however there is inevitably mostly coffee cups that pile up or scraps of drawings, the word ARTFORM printed out in different sizes and styles to test placement (I like to actually cut out the label or design and tape it to a garment while I'm wearing it so I know how it will appear on the body). 

But what I noticed today that led me to write was my internal dialog, and it revolved around my flannel. I happen to be rocking a flannel from one of my favorite brands besides Artform (we don't currently make flannels, or clothing with this price point). I just felt different, I felt more detailed, intelligent and more minimalist because of the associations I have in my mind about that garment. 

Clothes give off vibes, and they really do affect your moods. You'll notice that Artform pieces tend to be more typographic and minimal, with the occasional hint of graphic. This is done intentionally because I personally as the Creative Director have struggled with anxiety and stress (more on that later I'm sure) and therefore I like things clean, neat and orderly. Make things as simple as possible, but no simpler. I think that's accredited to Einstein but it's advice nearly every designer should attempt to adhere to. 

The point I'm getting at is that it matters what you put on. Whether your shirt is wrinkled or pressed will affect your mood. If you like your gear you'll be more self confident, and therefore more successful by default as you trust your gut to take risks and to be your own person. 

I noticed this when I skate especially, and most athletes are VERY superstitious about their clothes or equipment (don't put someones baseball glove on without asking, especially an infielder).

So as you go out be mindful of what you rock, because it could affect how you feel. 

Thanks for reading my random thoughts. 



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