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Interview: Tomo Skate

Tomo is the real deal. She's on her grind with Tomo Skate Co. and the hustle is real. Tomo has been putting in an enormous amount of work building up her brand while keeping it real on the streets...

Memory Lane - ASR

Recently on the 9 club there was a discussion about ASR. We thought we'd expand on the conversation.  For those who don't know there was a trade show many moons ago called ASR (Action Sports Retail...

Ski Mask Squadron

The Artform Squad hits the cold streets of Downtown L.A. for an undercover mission.


Big shout out to the one and only Ron Resurreccion on dropping a part for his 42nd birthday. Ron keeps the heat up showing you all it's possible to shred past 30.  Thanks for the inspiration Ron! H...


.."I felt more detailed, intelligent and more minimalist because of the associations I have in my mind about that garment."